How to identify Original Rudraksha in english ? : Identification of Original Rudraksha : Real Rudraksha : असली रुद्राक्ष की पहचान कैसे करे ? :

Identification of Original rudraksh, real rudraksha,

You can take any Rudraksha. It is very important to find out whether it is real or fake. Otherwise, that Rudraksha will not be of any use to you.

Why Rudraksha sinks in water?
X-ray of Rudraksha ?
Which Rudraksha is better?
Can Rudraksha be identified by color also?
How to know Rudraksha is real or fake?
What to do when fake Rudraksha gets drowned in water?
How is Rudraksha identified?
How to recognize the real Rudraksh?
What is the identity of real Rudraksha?
What are the things to be kept in mind while buying Rudraksha?
Are fake Rudraksha also available?

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Dear Readers,

All of you are welcome in this post of "". Today we will tell you how to identify the real Rudraksha. You can find all types of Rudraksha in the market today. You will find Rudraksha almost everywhere. But still there is a fear in the minds of people that whether this Rudraksha is fake or not. Have we bought fake Rudraksh by paying for real Rudraksh? To get rid of this fear, people go to the pundits, or to any recognized shopkeeper. And get them to get rid of their fear. But they do not know that on whom they are trusting and telling their mind. Only they can take advantage of them and give them fake Rudraksha. I am not saying this for everyone. Many people also give the right advice. But some people take advantage of your innocence. And give you fake Rudraksha.

At such a time, if you do not have any knowledge about Rudraksha, then you can get stuck. For this, it is very important for you to have some knowledge related to Rudraksha. In, there are always things related to the heart. Along with this, your knowledge also increases. Today you are going to get information about recognizing Rudraksh in this post.

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Those who know a little about Rudraksha and those who do not know, all the people want to know about the identity of Rudraksha. Today I am going to tell you the method using which you can identify the real and fake Rudraksha from One Mukhi Rudraksha to Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha.

X-ray of Rudraksha ?
Yes you are reading right. X-ray of Rudraksh is the right use of technology to identify the real Rudraksh according to today's world.
Get the X-ray of Rudraksha done with the same machine with which X-ray of teeth is done. It is also cheap and the work is also done properly. All Rudraksha have lines inside. Below those lines is a seed. Means as many faces Rudraksh has or as many lines on Rudraksh as many seeds should be inside.

Like if there is one Mukhi Rudraksh then there will be one seed inside Rudraksh, if there is two Mukhi Rudraksh then there will be two seeds inside Rudraksh, if there is ten Mukhi Rudraksh then there will be ten seeds inside Rudraksh. This is a very cheap and technologically sound way to identify the original Rudraksha. Its biggest advantage is that you will get the right thing. And you will not be cheated either.

Why does Rudraksha sink in water?

Although almost all the wood does not sink in water, but "Rudraksh" is such a wood that sinks in water. The immersion of Rudraksha in water shows how high its relative density is. This is because elements like iron, zinc, nickel, manganese, aluminum, phosphorus, calcium, cobalt, potassium, sodium, silica and sulfur are present inside the Rudraksha. Due to which it sinks in water. That's why many people have felt the flow of positive energy inside their body after wearing Rudraksha.

Which Rudraksha is better?

When it comes to Rudraksh, one more question comes in the mind of people whether to take Rudraksha from Nepal or Rudraksh from India. Let me tell you that Nepal and India have separated today. At first they were all the same. For your information, let me tell you that the Rudraksha found in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas are more effective, effective. The rest of the Rudraksh is Rudraksh. Today Rudraksha also comes to India from Indonesia. He also does Rudraksha work. But there is no doubt that the best Rudraksha is believed to be of Nepal. But friends, our topic today is real Rudraksh!

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One, let me tell you that today Bhadraksha is being found in the market instead of Rudraksh. In today's world people can do anything to earn money. Therefore, due to which the business people are earning very good profits. Please excuse me if any trader brother is reading this post. Because my aim is to make my readers aware of Rudraksh, to reach the correct information of Rudraksh to my readers. Click on the link to know the difference between Rudraksha and Bhadraksha. (Click hear )

Can Rudraksha be recognized by color?

Genuine Rudraksha is brown in colour, black in colour, feels hard to touch. But nowadays some people make a wooden Rudraksh and color it and sell that Rudraksh in the market. To identify it, you have to first put that Rudraksha in hot water. If that Rudraksh sinks then it is real. And if it is fake, it will not drown in water. On the contrary, all its color will come out. With this you will have milk of milk and water of water in front of you. And you will be easy to identify. One more thing, if the Rudraksha is half-ripened, then it will not drown in water. But its color will not go. In this way you can also identify Rudraksha by color.

How to know if Rudraksha is real or fake?

Friends, Rudraksha is hard. If you have a real Rudraksha and you will scrape it with a sharp object, then fibers come out from inside it. Genuine Rudraksha has fibers. From this you can also know about real and fake Rudraksha.

What to do when a fake Rudraksha gets submerged in water?

When you identify Rudraksh, first of all put it in water and see it. If it sinks then it's real. There are some exceptions to this too. Like Rudraksha made of Sisam wood also gets immersed in water. But when you scrape it with a sharp object, the fibers will not come in it. Genuine Rudraksha has fibers. Fake Rudraksha does not contain fibers.

How to identify Rudraksha?

Just as the fingerprints of every person are different, similarly the bulges of Rudraksha are never the same. There is definitely a difference in each grain of Rudraksha. You will never find the same Rudraksha. But if there is a fake Rudraksha, then its bulges will be similar. You will find hundreds of similar looking Rudraksha.

How to recognize the real Rudraksha?

Heat a bowl of water, put Rudraksha in it and keep it for five minutes, if that Rudraksha is made by sticking then it will separate. Because people make Gauri Shankar Rudraksh or rider Rudraksh by sticking it and selling it indiscriminately in the market.

What is the identity of the original Rudraksha?

If the Rudraksh does not leave its color after putting it in mustard oil, then it is a real Rudraksh. Otherwise it's fake. If it is a real Rudraksh, then its color will get thicker.
If the Rudraksh is immersed in water, then the Rudraksh is real. Otherwise fake.

What should be kept in mind while buying Rudraksha?

Whatever Rudraksh you take. It should not be broken. Should not be eaten by insects. It should not be broken anywhere. Its bulge should be clear. And most of all, he should be certified.

Are Rudraksha fake also found?

Yes, nowadays people are making fake Rudraksha and selling it in the market in order to earn money and making huge profits. Therefore, to avoid this fraud, increase your knowledge and bring the original Rudraksha to your home by using your understanding.

In this way you can identify your Rudraksha.

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